The value of grandparents

Too many children are living in danger homes and are suffering neglect, physical or sexual abuse with no one to protect them until it’s too late.

The non resident parent, the grandparents and the extended family are banned by the law with very easily obtained court orders and children’s agencies cannot know of the abuse until it has happened. The children are in effect at the mercy of anyone in the home, even temporarily, that would and do abuse them and the law, is condoning it. The present unjust family laws provide a legal fortress for abusers to hide behind.

The governments of the past have not taken this gap in the protection of children seriously and have failed the thousands of children who suffer because of it.

Grandparents can have insight into their own family’s characters because of the unique relationship and can sense when something is wrong. This intuitive insight should not be ignored by governments or authorities. Grandparents are the biggest carers of children saving the public purse a fortune.

Money is rarely the reason they take on these responsibilities but an awful lot are living in poverty to do so. They are being taken for granted. Some are afraid to ask for financial help in case they lose the children to ‘the system’ that is supposed to help them.

All the UK governments say that grandparents play an important role in the life of their grandchildren, but ignore the benefit that role can really be to the children.

It is time to respect grandparents and allow them to protect the grandchildren that are caught up in drug and alcohol problem homes. We have been told by a drug addict that they regularly give their children drugs to make them sleep when they themselves intend to get high.

These are dangerous times for children when a resident parent can be high on drugs or drunk and no-one is allowed access to ensure the children are OK.

There was someone in the past that did actually check up on children and their homes. They were called The Green Lady and were very effective in spotting potentially abused children. The problem was they cost the government a fortune and were cut back like everything else, but the way the child abuse rate is rising there is a need for such a service now.

Will the government be able to afford it? Will the government be able to cope with the constant rise in child abuse without grandparents help? Prevention has to be better than cure.
The majority of grandparents would be delighted to have the right to look out for their grandchildren without fear of excommunication.

Grandparents do save children from abuse because it is inherent in them and could save the public purse further on child care and abuse. They are an army of helpers that should be utilised to the full.

We are asking the new Scottish Government to right these wrongs and look to grandparents in helping with the welfare and protection of their grandchildren. Menzies Campbell said recently words to the effect, ‘we are not past it, we may be older but we are wiser with life’s experiences.

Jimmy Deuchars
Grandparents Apart UK
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Glasgow G52 1PJ
0141 882 5658

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