Government says it’s none of our business

Government’s policy;-

“We are reluctant to interfere in family life…We have no answer to non compliance of contact orders”.

‘It’s none of our business’   is what the government’s policy is meaning when they say we will not interfere in family life. Fine when all is well, but not according to the latest reports of 60,000 children in drug related homes in the UK and the NSPCC are advertising heavily about the need of protection of children, in their worthwhile well known, Full Stop programme. Children are being abused in their own homes in secret with the full protection of the government’s policy and they will not relent. Yes this policy is protecting abusers.

At the rate NSPCC are advertising their must be a vast amount of children in this situation. So if you doubt us, ask them. It’s your money and they could help more children if grandparents had the right to contact their grandchildren and possibly spot problems earlier on. Can you think of any one else that could best fill this position.

The government’s policy of refusing to enforce compliance of grandparental contact orders made by a court in the best interests of the children compound the situation. They are preventing an army that possibly could, if given the right, get protection for an awful lot of these abused children.

“We demand the governments review this policy.”

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