Notification of changes in the law regarding Data Protection from May 2018

Due to changes in Data Protection laws coming into force in May 2018 we must seek your express permission to be able to contact you in future. We would like to keep you updated with our progress and hope you will allow us to do this by
signing this form and returning it to us

When you join our group as a member we keep your name, address and contact details for a maximum of three years from the last date you renewed your membership. Your details are not shared with anyone for any reason. The only exception is when you specifically give us written permission to use your situation as a publicity case. We intend to maintain this standard of data storage and protection as confidentiality is of major importance to us.

The only person with access to your personal information is the charity’s secretary for the purposes of communicating with members. All paper information and call notes are shredded at the end of each day and personal membership information is deleted from our computer database when we receive your notification that you no longer wish to be contacted by us or at the end of three years, whichever comes first.

Details of your situation and case are kept indefinitely in statistic form with no connection or link to your name or other personal details. This is retained to allow us to provide statistics to government about the problems grandparents encounter and if there are specific problems in specific areas with Authorities, Social Services or Courts, or if we see any improvement for grandparents.