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Grand Parents Apart UK (GAUK), is a group dedicated to help grandparents keep in touch with their grandchildren following divorce or separation of the children’s parents. Currently grandparents in the United Kingdom have no inherent legal right to see their grandchildren. GAUK was started in January 2001 by people from Bathgate and Glasgow and surrounding areas.

Grand Parents Apart UK can help grandparents who are denied contact, and with family problems like fall outs, and parents thinking of separating.

Our focus is on putting the children first and conflict second, and aim to help parents reduce legal costs, reduce the stress of separation and help reduce the pain for the whole family.

We believe that there is always an alternative to legal action and that we can help find solutions to suit all families.

September 2020 News

We have been working with the Scottish Government for the last 2 years in the build up to updating the Children (Scotland) Act; changes which are expected to become law in Scotland in 2021.

There are to be no changes to the legal position in the relationship between grandchildren and grandparents as the Government believe allowing grandchildren to have a right of contact with grandparents will ‘cut across’ the best interest of the child principle. We don’t understand this logic when the right would have been the child’s right to choose.

However alongside the legal changes to the Act the Government have created the Family Justice Modernisation Strategy which covers non legal changes and aims to improve things in support of what they say is the ‘important relationship’ between grandchildren and their grandparents. Only time will tell if this is enough to improve the lives of our grandchildren.

Please let us know if you are finding any change in the attitude of professionals dealing with families e.g. Social Services, Solicitors, Courts, Health Workers etc. as there is a commitment to retraining and monitoring these services.

If you are a grandparent and are cast aside unjustly by any of these, or any other professionals, please contact your MSP to let them know that the Family Justice Modernisation Strategy is not enough to protect children.

The Family Justice Modernisation Strategy is available at

Please see information in our News section for more information on this topic.

Important Information

Please be aware that a former member of Grandparents Apart (no UK) Lydia Reid, based in East Scotland is on Facebook as Grandparents Apart in Scotland, and is not connected to Grandparents Apart UK and does not represent us in any way.