Because grandparents don’t have a particular legal right of contact with their grandchild the legal process can be expensive and uncertain. We always advise trying to resolve the situation by non-legal routes (see mediation). However, if you see no alternative do seek advice from a FAMILY LAW SOLICITOR. The solicitor should tell you if your case has the appropriate criteria for success i.e. that contact would be in the child’s best interest. Legal Aid is available for such cases and your solicitor will tell you if you are eligible. Be aware that the legal process works at a very slow pace and quick solutions just do not happen. Do be prepared to chase the solicitor up to keep things moving.

Keep a diary of any appointments or phone calls and anything discussed or promised. Also keep note of any time spent with the child. It would also be useful to keep note of any promises, threats, intimidation or accusations etc. from the parents.