Finding your own solution can be better for everyone and reduce conflict meaning less stress for everyone. Family mediation services can help by listening, discussing and supporting families to resolve their differences. To succeed this needs everyone to be willing to work together and compromise will be necessary. This is possible if everyone focuses on the child and how any conflict is affecting the child. Too many adults are so involved in their own anger or stubbornness that the child and his or her interests and feelings are forgotten or go unnoticed. Boundaries and plans can be written down to remind everyone to stick to the agreement reached. Sometimes a cost is involved but if you are eligible for Legal Aid this can also contribute to the cost of Mediation.

It is important that parents, grandparents and other family members speak to and treat each other with courtesy. You may not get on, but you can still be civil for the sake of the children. Just because the adults have fallen out doesn’t mean the child has stopped loving each adult. Avoid criticising or arguing with each other in front of the children. It can have lasting bad effects on them.